A how-to guide on how to make changes to your default reports. For example purposes, we will walk through how to add the "Crypto Gains & Losses" Ledger Account Subtype to the "Other Income" Group of the Income Statement in the instructions below.


Edit Reports

Edit your reports under the Reports tab in the left panel menu under Admin:


From there, you can select the report you wish to edit, click Submit, and then make changes to the Groups, Ledger Accounts/Subtypes, and position of the Groups of your financials. Below is the default Income Statement report. To move the position of a Group, you can drag and drop by clicking and moving the Group from the grey hamburger menu icon:


Add a new Group, edit the current Group, or add in a specific Ledger Account or Ledger Account Subtype to a Group (e.g. Other Income), by clicking the vertical green ellipses. To add in the "Crypto Gains & Losses" subtype, we will click Select Account:

Choose which Ledger Account or Ledger Account Subtype you'd like to map to that Report Group (e.g. Crypto Gains & Losses):

You can also add a Report Group from this menu, or edit the name of an existing Group, or Invert Balance of a Group from the Edit Details option:

Once you've added a Ledger Account Subtype, you can also remove any mapped Ledger Account or Ledger Account Subtype from a Group by clicking the X in the  bubble for anything that has been added to a Report Group:

You can repeat these same actions across all Groups within your default financial reports OR under any new reports you create. After you make your changes, be sure to remember to click Save Report.

For more information on Reports, you can access the full user guide here.