SoftLedger allows for the creation of custom financial statements such as Balance Sheet or Income Statement, as well as other useful reports, such as an Expense Summary or Management Report. Your SoftLedger tenant will come populated with default Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports that serve as starting points to map out these reports to meet your exact reporting jurisdiction preferences and requirements. In addition, many SoftLedger users create copies off of the default reports and create multiple versions of financial statements serving different reporting and operational purposes. You can access the report editor under Admin>Report Editor.


Manage Reports

Click +New, to add a new financial Report.



  • Report Name - This will be the top level name of the report.
  • Type - this can be a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, or Custom.
  • Invert Balance - If enabled, the report group section will display any balances that result as a credit balance, as a positive without brackets. This is typically enabled anywhere you expect credit balances, such as a Revenue report group.

Once you have a report created, or you are adjusting from the default reports populated, you will have the below buttons at top of your reports:

  • Save Report - Save any updates you have made (be sure to save often and before leaving page).
  • Edit Details - Edit the Report Name or toggle Invert Balance.
  • Create Copy - Create a new report using the current report as a template.
  • Delete - Permanently Delete this report (cannot be reversed).



Within the editor, you can customize the report names, report group names and locations, and determine the mappings of activity to the report groups.

  • Drag and Drop Report Groups
  • Add Group
  • Edit Details
  • Select Account
  • Delete
  • Remove mapping


Drag & Drop Groups

  • Grab the "handle"  (grey hamburger menu icon) on the left side of the group and drag it to a new position.
  • The Group can be dragged to a new nested location or change its order in the current level of the hierarchy.
  • If Group is moved, all the children Groups will be moved along with it.

Add Group

  • Click the vertical ellipsis icon, then click Add Group to add a new child report group

Select Account

Click the vertical ellipsis icon, then click Select Account. Choose a Location and then select the Mapping Type:

  • A Ledger Account Subtype, that will pull all Ledger Accounts with that Subtype to be displayed independently within the report, but subtotal all together (this is the recommended mapping)
  • A single Ledger Account.
  • A Formula, primarily used to map Current Period Net Income to the Balance Sheet:
SUM(debit - credit) for all Revenue and Expense Journal Entries, within the Date Range selected for the Report (excluding any Closing Entries)


Note: It is recommended to map by Ledger Account Subtype, as this will ensure that any future ledger accounts added to an already mapped Subtype will be added into your created custom reports. To check all of your Subtypes are mapped, you can export the Financial>Accounts tab and compare the available Subtypes to those mapped in your reports.



  • Click the vertical ellipsis icon, then click Delete to remove this Group and ALL of its children Groups.

Remove Mapping

  • Click the X icon within the report group bubble to remove it from the Group.

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