SoftLedger has the capability to have very granular user permission and restriction to adapt to the controls and processes of your organization. You can restrict users by Location, Module, create and post statuses, preparer and reviewer, etc. Be sure to review the User Roles and Permission Definitions to better understand what Roles are available for each user.


Add a User

Click the +New button to add new Users to your SoftLedger system and complete the below required fields. Please note that a new User originally has no roles assigned, so after a new User has been created, be sure to access their User Account in the table (explained below) to adjust which Roles should be assigned to the new User.

Note: Phone Number is required in the event of a User requiring a reset of the MFA function due to losing or replacing their phone.

Delete User

Click the three stack dots by the user you wish to remove, and click on the delete trash can icon, as shown below. 

Manage Users

Manage the system users here:



  • Email - User's email address(used for login)
  • Name - User's name
  • MFA - Does the user have Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled.


Click into the three stacked dots icon on the far right of the Users table to access the User's assigned Location, edit their details, or adjust available User Roles.



Select the User's visible locations. When logged in, the user will only be able to see transactions from this Location and its child Locations:



Update User's details


  • First Name - User's first name 
  • Last Name - User's last name
  • Use MFA - Turn on to enable multi-factor authentication for this user(recommended)



Update user's roles and permissions:

To remove a role, click the X next to the assigned role on the left. To add a role, click the + next to the available role on the right. Then click submit. 

See Attached Video to Set Full Access