View your Budgets vs. Actuals for set periods and filters from this report.

Navigate to Reports>Budget to view a Budget vs. Actual Report from this page.

Budgets are entered previously under Financial>Budget.


Complete the following filters to populate the Budget Report:

  • Journal Status - All, Posted, or Draft (this controls which entries are represented in the Actuals figures)

  • Start Date - Starting month for table view (max of 12 months)

  • End Date - Last month for table view (max of 12 months)

  • Dimension Type (optional) - Choose the Dimension Type (e.g. Cost Center, Product) to view in the table

  • Dimension (optional) - Choose the specific Dimension (e.g. Sales, Marketing) to view in the table

  • Location - adjust the Location Picker to view the Report for specific Locations


The resulting table after entering report filters contains:

  • Account Number

  • Actual - The amount booked against the Ledger Account for the Monthly Period.

  • Budget - Amount entered through the Financial>Budget module (see below for calculations).

  • Variance - The difference between Actual and Budget.

Budget vs. Actuals Review

Once the filters have been entered, review the figures for Actuals and Budgets: Important considerations:

  • Budget amounts do not have an associated currency and there is no foreign exchange calculations between different Locations. It is recommended to enter Budgets in the reporting currency of the Global Location.

  • Budgets can be entered for a particular Dimension OR for the Ledger Account with no Dimension selected. If amounts are entered against a Ledger Account with a Dimension selected (e.g. Cash with Cost Center: Sales), as well as an amount against just the Ledger Account (e.g. Cash), those amounts will be summed when viewing a Budget Report with no Dimensions to filter down further. For example, a Budget of $50 entered for Cash with Dimension Cost Center: Sales selected and a Budget of $100 for Cash with no Dimension selected would result in a Budget of $150 when viewing the Budget with no Dimensions selected in the Budget Report.

  • Similarly, Budgets entered for Locations that roll up to another Location will be included in the Budget Report when viewing the Parent Location. For example, Company B is a subsidiary of Company A, if a Budget of $50 is entered in Company B and a Budget of $100 is entered for Company A, the total Budget for Company A would be $150 when viewing the Budget Report for Company A.

Other Actions

  • Filter the Ledger Account column in the Budget Report, such as filtering "Cash" in the Quick Search field to review figures for the Ledger Accounts containing "Cash".

  • Paginate through to other pages with the page numbers and buttons at the bottom of the page.

  • Adjust the Monthly Periods represented with the column selector.

  • Export visible columns with the export icon at the top of the table.

To adjust Budgets, navigate to Financial Budgets and set your filters to enter amounts against Ledger Accounts.