Create and edit the Locations (entities) within SoftLedger, including the organization chart hierarchy and entity specific information such as currency, logo, address, etc.:

Navigate to Financial > Location page


Add/Edit Location

Enter all required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank Location to complete.

NOTE: To see the Location changes made, please refresh your web browser



  • Name - Name of the Location.
  • ID - Unique Identifier for this Location.
  • Description - Extra text for this Location.
  • Parent Location - Select the parent Location for which this Location is meant to roll up to (where this Location falls in the organization chart hierarchy). The top level Location is Global (with an ID of '0').
  • Currency - Reporting currency for this Location.
  • Forex Gain/Loss Account - Ledger Account used for revaluing foreign exchange rates at the end of the month.
  • Retained Earning Account - Ledger Account used to book Retained Earnings amounts for a Fiscal Year when closing an Accounting Year.
  • Entity Logo - Image to show on PDF documents for this Location.
  • Entity Details - Details to use on PDF documents for this Location.
  • Address - Address to use on PDF documents for this Location (Begin entering the address in Line 1 and see suggestions to auto-complete address).

Note: The Address, Entity Logo, and Entity Detail fields are only used if Use Location Entity on PDF Documents is turned on in System Settings.

List Actions

  • Edit -  Update Location details.
  • Delete -  Delete this Location (could fail if another object such as Journal Entries are using this, or if this location has children).
  • Filters - Filter what appears in the table based on one or more fields available in the table.
  • Saved Views - You can create a set of filters that you would like to save to be able to quickly filter a table.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.
  • Export - Table data can be exported using the export button at the top of the table.