Review all Coin details, Wallet balances for the Coin, and all transactions with the Coin from the Coin Detail page.



  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Rate Symbol - Shortened code for the Coin (e.g. BTC).
  • Is Fiat - If this is a Coin representation of a fiat currency (e.g. USD or EUR).
  • Asset Account - the Ledger Account for the Coin.
  • Fee Account - the Ledger Account  for fees paid with this Coin.
  • LT Gain Loss Account - Any long term gains or losses on the Coin (long term is over one year of holding).
  • ST Gain Loss Account - Any short term gains or losses on the Coin (short term is less than one year of holding).

The table represents the aggregate amounts for the selected Coin broken out by the Wallet the Coin is held within.


  • Name - Name of the Wallet.
  • Market Rate - Market Rate for the Coin as of the System Date, represented in your Crypto Home Currency.
  • Quantity - Quantity of the Coin.
  • Value - Value of the Coin (Market Rate x Quantity).
  • Total Cost Basis - Sum of the Cost Basis for the Coins as of the System Date (will not be accurate if Cost Basis has not been run successfully for all transactions).
  • Unrealized Gain/Loss - The total unrealized gain/loss for the Coin (Value - Total Cost Basis).

Leverage Toggles & Filters to manage the 




All transactions that involve the asset for the coin selected, represented in the same way as on the Crypto>Transactions tab.