Review the Wallet setup, Coin balances for the Wallet, and transactions within the Wallet from the detail screen.



  • Name - Wallet name. This is what will be shown on the Crypto Transaction page under the Wallet column.
  • Address - Optional Address to add to the Wallet.
  • Address Tag - Optional label for the Address of the Wallet.
  • Description - Description of the Wallet.
  • Exchange - Optional Exchange the Wallet is affiliated with.
  • Location - The SoftLedger Location the Wallet is under. Crypto Transactions created with this Wallet will post associated Journals to this Location.
  • Deposit Account - The default credit side of the transaction for any deposits into the Wallet (this can be changed on a per transaction basis, but a default is required).
  • Withdrawal Account - The default debit side of the transaction for any withdrawals out of the Wallet (this can be changed on a per transaction basis, but a default is required).

The table represents the total amounts for each Coin held within the selected Wallet:


  • Name - Name of the Coin.
  • Symbol - Symbol for the Coin (usually 3 letters).
  • Market Rate - Market Rate for the Coin as of the System Date, represented in your Crypto Home Currency.
  • Quantity - Quantity of the Coin.
  • Value - Value of the Coin (Market Rate x Quantity).
  • Total Cost Basis - Sum of the Cost Basis for the Coins as of the System Date (will not be accurate if Cost Basis has not been run successfully for all transactions).
  • Unrealized Gain/Loss - The total unrealized gain/loss for the Coin (Value - Total Cost Basis).


All transactions that involve the Wallet selected are included on this tab, represented in the same way as on the Crypto>Transactions tab.