Sync your Expensify account to create Bills in SoftLedger off of Expensify Reports. Connect and configure an integration within the SoftLedger Marketplace (under Admin) to take expense reports from Expensify and create Bills in SoftLedger on a daily triggered schedule.


  1. Authenticate with Expensify by grabbing the below details from 
    1. partnerUserID
    2. partnerUserSecret
  2. Determine the below configurations:
    1. Start Date
      1. This is how far back to start syncing Approved and Reimbursed Expense Reports from
    2. Payment and Posted Date
      1. The Payments made against Bills when an Expense Report is considered status:Reimbursed can be set as one of two dates:
        1. Default: Expense Approval Date - the date the Expense Report was Approved
        2. The Date of the sync for the integration (e.g. Today's date)
    3. SoftLedger Location
      1. This is which entity the Bills should be created within for the Expense Reports for this Expensify Policy (note: you can create multiple instances of this integration per each policy)
    4. Default Ledger Accounts and Vendor
      1. AP Account - the accounts payable account to be used on the created Bills
      2. Expense Account - this account is used if there is no Expensify category mapped to SoftLedger Ledger Account
      3. Cash Account - the account to be used as the Credit side in payments for reimbursements (e.g. Bank Account)
      4. Vendor - the Vendor to be used on the created Bills 


The expense lines on each SoftLedger Bill created per Expensify Expense Report can be coded with an expense ledger account based on a mapping table between Expensify Category<>SoftLedger Ledger Account. You can, for example, map the Expensify 'Travel & Entertainment' category to the 'Travel' expense ledger account.


For example, let's say we have an expense report from Expensify submitted with two expenses included:

This expense report has been Approved and Reimbursed, meaning both a Bill and Payment will be created in SoftLedger for this report:

The report has been broken down into two expense lines on a Bill that has been approved and paid in SoftLedger, utilizing the configuration from the integration to determine the SoftLedger AP Account, Expense Accounts (mapping), Vendor, Dates, and Cash Account.

Please speak with your SoftLedger team to enable the Integration Marketplace to set up utilize this integration.