Cratoflow is an AP and AR automation software to streamline and upgrade workflows for processing bills paid to vendors, and facilitating invoices for cash received from customers. The below is documentation to illustrate the advantages to using Cratoflow for the AP portion of their software, and how this functionality interacts with SoftLedger. 

Speak to your SoftLedger team at to request more information on how you can incorporate Cratoflow into your AP process.

What does Cratoflow Offer?

  • Automation

  • Workflow

  • Payment Solutions

How does it help me?

Auto-Capturing AP invoice details:

Cratoflow has proved to eliminate up to 97% of the data entry with vendor invoice processing. With the help of Cratoflow and its latest AI parsing technology, you do not have to manually key in all the fields in processing an AP bill. It reduces all your monotonous task and help you turn your focus on decision making

Auto-coding your AP Invoices:

Cratoflow can automatically code your invoices through your historical data with your approval. You do not have to look back at the coding and will be helpful in archiving consistent accuracy .

Auto-route the documents for approval and exceptions:

Are you using your emails/chats for approval and exceptions handling? Cratoflow helps you overcome that messy process by providing automatic multi-level approval and exception routing. Yes, you do even have to manually work to send the document for approval.

Your business users can attend to the approvals and exceptions through a click.

Auto-posting to SoftLedger:

Once the approval flow is completed, the bills entry will be automatically posted to SoftLedger.

Payment Solutions:

Cratoflow has partnered with industry best Payment provider to instantly verify your vendor’s bank account and provide same day ACH payments. You can select the open bills for multiple vendors at once and Cratoflow send the money to each vendors separately and also sends the remittance.

And Ofcouse, the payment entry will be automatically posted to SoftLedger and reflect in the bills.

Processing Flows: