ApproveIt is a business process management software, helping enterprises scale their approval workflows, particularly when working across different tools. ApproveIt is an add on integration to SoftLedger to enable customers to create advanced workflows for AP Bill approvals, including thresholds and multi-step approval flows. Additionally, approval notifications can be sent to channels such as Slack and Email for easier quicker response times for approvals.

How it works:

  1. Bill approval request is created and approved in Approveit 

  1. Upon approval, the Bill is automatic synced with SoftLedger

How to set up:

To connect your SoftLedger tenant to ApporveIt, follow the below steps within ApproveIt after obtaining API and tenant information (details in step 1):

1. Obtain Tenant UUID, Client ID, Client Secret and Audience from SoftLedger, to be input under Settings>Integrations>SoftLedger Integration within ApproveIt

2. Create a workflow 

3. Select Softledger Bill Approval 

4. Add Outbound Integration

5. Set up the data collection

6. Save the Data Collection and Save the workflow

With the above steps completed, now when a Bill in the ApproveIt platform has passed all approval criteria in the workflow, a Bill will be created in SoftLedger. 

For more information, reach out to your SoftLedger team at