Create and customize the templates to turn SoftLedger Documents (Invoices/Sales Orders/Sales Quotes/Purchase Orders) into PDF documents.

Manage and view your PDF templates from here. See video below of an example to adjust the Invoice PDFs and Emails produced from the system.






  • Add/Edit Templates (Your system will have 4 default Templates.)
  • Delete Template (If you delete all templates for one type of document you will no longer be able to create PDF's for that document type.)

Add/Edit Template

Fill out all required fields and click submit:




Name - Name of the template

Type - Document type for the template (Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Order)

Template Fields -The template has two main field types:

  • Text Fields will display the exact text you type in, on the PDF
  • Select Lists will display the value for that field from the Document (e.g. selecting the Customer Terms from a dropdown list will pull the terms for the Customer or Vendor used for each Document).

  • Custom fields will also be available in the table section of the Template:



Review the Template Formats support article to review how to update the format of the created Templates.