Create, edit, and view customers from this page, as well as drill into individual customers to review their details.


Add/Edit Customer

Enter all required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank Customer to complete.


Note: On initial customer creation, you have the option to create an address and a contact. You may always create new addresses and contacts after initial creation.


The following fields are available for Customers:

  • Name - The Customer's name, this is used to reference the Customer throughout.
  • Email - The Customer's email address (used for issuing Invoices).
  • Description - Short text field description of customer
  • Terms - Customer's payment terms for an Invoice. This can be shown on an Invoice Template.
  • Default Days Due - Number of days from the transaction date of the invoice the due date should be set to. 
  • Notes - Long form text field for customer.
  • Attachments - Include file attachments associated with the Customer.
  • Inactive - Inactive Customers will no longer be available to select in drop down lists (Note: Any previously created Documents (e.g. Invoice/AR Credit/SO) with the inactive Customer will still be included in tables and users can take actions against).
  • Contacts and Address - You can add multiple contacts and addresses associated with each customer with the fields in view in the screenshot above (begin entering the address in Line 1 and see suggestions to auto-complete address).

Customer Table Actions


  • Edit - Update Customer details.
  • Delete - Delete this Customer(could fail if another object such as Journal Entries are using this).
  • Filters - Filter what appears in the table based on one or more fields available in the table.
  • Saved Views - You can create a set of filters that you would like to save to be able to quickly filter a table.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.
  • Export - Table data can be exported using the export button at the top of the table.
  • Details - Click the customer name to view the customer's detail Page. For more information see this article: Customer Details