When working with customers and invoices in the Accounts Receivable module, you can download and email Customer's Statement of Account for their outstanding issued Invoices. This can either be downloaded or emailed to the email address(es) on file when viewing the Customer Detail view from clicking into a Customer name.

Statement of Account

The Statement of Account will appear in the below format, and users in AR can initiate sending this via a PDF download icon viewing the Customer Detail view, or send to customer email address(es) on file via the Email icon.

Contents of the Statement:

  1. The Customer Name, Terms, and Bill To Address will all come from the details set for the Customer itself
  2. The Logo in top left will come from the logo set for the Global Location
  3. The Invoices included on the Statement will be those in Issued or Partial Payment status. All Created, Paid, and Voided Invoices will not be included.
  4. The Invoices will be split out and totaled by the Posted Currency of the Invoice.