Manage and view full detail of a single PO from this page:



Tabs on the PO Detail screen include Details, Emails, Receive, Adjustments



This tab has the full detail of the Purchase Order, including status, received percentage, addresses, and approver information.

Actions on the Detail tab:

  • PDF -  - Click to bring up a PDF preview of the PO. Click anywhere on the preview to download the PO.
  • Edit -  Update PO fields.
  • Issue - Issue this PO.
  • Unissue -  Unissue this PO (only possible if status is "Issued" and the PO hasn't been fulfilled).
  • Create Template PO - Create a new PO with the same exact details except with a new PO number.
  • Create Bill - Once issued, Create a Bill with most of it's detail populated from a purchase order


This tab shows all POs sent via email on file for the Vendor of the PO:

  • See the recipient and timestamp of the email
  • Click into the blue highlight text under the ID column to see more information about the sent email(s):


Conveniently mark items, from this PO only, as received from this tab.


From here, you will be able to view all the stock adjustments as a result of receiving items related to this PO: