Direct purchasing allows users to purchase items directly for a sales order. These line items will be directly linked and ignore cost basis calculations. Resulting in the Sales Order Item Cost will directly = the Purchase Price.

Creating Direct Purchases

From a Sales Order


Clicking here will attempt to create a direct purchase order which will link the new Purchase Order’s lines to the existing sales order’s lines.


You can see the lines that will be linked to existing lines are greyed out and the Sales order column is set to the order in the previous screen.

From a Purchase Order

Creating from the Purchase Order module will add new lines to the Selected Sales Order(s)


Note that Direct Purchase for Sales Order must be toggled on

Updating Direct Purchases

A direct purchase line on a Sales Order cannot be modified by updating the sales order itself.

You must edit the Purchase Order line, this will update the Sales Order line automatically.

You cannot update the Sales Order a direct purchase line is linked to.

Deleting the direct purchase line on a purchase order will result in the sales order linked line being deleted as well.

Once a Purchase Order line has been received it can no longer be edited or deleted (even if the receipt is voided)

General Workflow

Receiving/Fulfilling as one step

In order to fulfill a direct purchase lines on the Sales Order, just receive the PO line completely.

Partially receiving a PO line has no affect on the sales order, the sales order is only fulfilled ones the line is completely received.

Sales Order direct purchase lines cannot be fulfilled directly.


Unfulfilling a direct purchase line will result in a standard unfulfillment stock adjustment.

However, the line’s quantity will also be decremented to show the line as still being completely fulfilled (at a new lower quantity).

This is because you cannot “re-fulfill” a direct purchase line. As the unfulfillment results in the item going back into a warehouse inventory.