The Sales Order Detail tab under Sales>Sales Orders>Detail aggregates all line item information entered in Sales Orders. You can use this tab to filter and review the contents of Sales Orders all together in one place:


Many of the columns of the Sales Order Detail page reference the Sales Order that the line item falls under:

  • Number - Unique identifier for the Sales Order of the line item.
  • Status - Current status of the Sales Order (Quote, Pending, Rejected, Accepted, Order, Partially Fulfilled, Fulfilled).
  • Item - The Item/Description for the Sales Order (see icons below to determine between them).
  • Customer - Customer of Sales Order.
  • Location - Location of Sales Order.
  • Reference - Reference of the Sales Order.
  • Quote Date - Date of Sales Order Quote.
  • Order Date - Date of Sales Order.
  • Created Date - the date the Sales Order was created.
  • Last Updated - the date of the most recent update to the Sales Order.
  • Cost Center - Cost Center associated with Sales Order (if any).
  • Product - Product associated with Sales Order (if any).
  • Job - Job associated with Sales Order (if any).
  • Custom Dimensions - Custom Dimension associated with Sales Order (if any).
  • Default Sales Price - the default sales price for the Item.
  • Default Purchase Price - the default purchase price for the Item.
  • Amount - Price per Description/Item.
  • Quantity - Number of Description/Item.
  • Tax - Tax entered manually or from a Tax Code (if any).
  • Total - Quantity * Amount + Tax Amount.


The Items column can be either a Description/Item:

  • The clipboard icon indicates a Description for the line item
  • The box icon indicates an Item for the line item

Sales Order Detail Line Table Actions

  • Filters - Filter what appears in the table based on one or more fields available in the table.
  • Saved Views - You can create a set of filters that you would like to save to be able to quickly filter a table.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.
  • Export - Table data can be exported using the export button at the top of the table.
  • Click the blue highlight text under the Number column to bring up the original Sales Order for the line item
  • Click the blue highlight text of the Item in the Item column to bring up the Item details
  • Click the blue highlight text of the Customer to bring up the full Customer details